The Re-tell Collective

"Our dreams unite us"


We believe that our dreams unite us. Each one of us have the capacity to dream. Despite social economic and political ideals, we all have access to our own dreamscapes. It is a place where we are free, united and at one with destiny.

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An exhibition that invites you to take part and help.

This exhibition invites you to delve into your being and your dreams, a space where you are aware of who you are, and as a part of a collective consciousness. No one can exist alone, together we realize our strength, love and hope. We must be the revealers of the dreamers within.

Our Exhibitors

Each of our exhibitors have created limited edition collections. Collections that enable us to stand together to help small businesses that were affected by Covid and the riots. We, the makers have signed a limited number of items that will be sold at a higher price to raise funds to help small SA businesses.

The collective

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