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What is SOKO

SOKO is a technology-forward company with a focus on regenerative retail. We have a platform that enables purpose-driven brands to create meaningful connections with their customers through dynamic, flexible space and shopfittings.

We ultimately provide a:

platform as a service,

software as a service,

hardware/shopfitting as a service

How does SOKO District work

SOKO District is a completely new concept worldwide.

SOKO District helps Retailers set up their shop, often it is the first time they have a physical shop after operating purely online due to the digital-first nature.


Signing an agreement or lease as a Retailer with SOKO District would mean SOKO District takes care of the shop fittings and all the associated services and maintenance that come with managing a physical space.


SOKO Retailers consider us as an extension of their team to help them grow their business the way they want to assist to overcome hurdles that they encounter along the way.

The Retailer employs their own salesperson, adds their merchandise to the shopfitting solution and furniture, and operates their own POS.


SOKO District provides a flexible physical space with modular, rentable shopfittings manufactured in solid wood, steel glass, and granite with interchangeable finishes. All components are 100% reusable.


Our flexible digital leasing platform alleviates the significant financial commitments associated with long-term rental agreements - the duration of the lease at SOKO District can be anything from three days to three years.


Because SOKO District is a regenerative space, there are ongoing opportunities to add new Retailers.


Who are the founders of SOKO and how did the idea come about

Chris and Cobus Truter (co-founders) saw an opportunity/gap in the market for data-driven insights in the retail environment. Due to the many industry touchpoints in delivering such an offering, and the pre-SOKO network it was quite natural to involve the current SOKO District founders.


Ricardo Rocha, Jeanine Rocha, and Hanré Truter are the founders of SOKO District. What makes this team so great is that they not only have an almost decade long relationship but their diverse capabilities fuelling the different key functions and value offerings.

Who can I speak to or interview about SOKO

Andrew Khanye is the District Manager at our Rosebank Mall District.


You can send him an email at or give him a call at +27 81 413 4644.


Ricardo Rocha is the SOKO District CEO.


You can send him an email at

What does SOKO mean

The word ‘SOKO’ is Swahili for ‘market’, and a market is traditionally driven by the collective art of buying and selling goods in an open space.

Our logo


The game of noughts and crosses essentially resembles, similar to retail, a battle for the right location and the right time. This concept represents the flexibility of the SOKO space.

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