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5 Things you can do to grow your brand’s Instagram followers organically

Are you looking for ways to grow your business? Are you eager to advertise your products on Instagram with the hopes that it might boost your sales? Trying to build a substantial following on Instagram can feel quite overwhelming to say the very least.

Instagram is a community all on its own, and if managed well, can prove to be highly fruitful to your business.

The question is, how can you make your business stand out enough to get more followers and grow your business? We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve that we would like to share with you to help you to reach your Instagram goals.

Consistency is key

You may have heard this phrase several times before about other aspects in life, but it is true that doing something well over and over again will reap rewards. This principle is no less true for Instagram. You cannot expect to gain a good social media following by posting randomly, whenever you feel like it. It may work for your personal Instagram account of 300 followers, but it will not work if you hope to use Instagram as a platform to influence others and market your business.

If you can only commit to posting one good post a week, then consistently post at the same time once a week.

Choose the day and time of the week and stick to it. According to the best days to post on Instagram are between Tuesday and Friday. Mondays are too hectic and on weekends people tend to be socializing or seem to spend less time on their phones. The best day of the week to post is Wednesday. People tend to check their phones regularly during lunch hour and late afternoon as their mental energy begins to fade. It is important to note that every audience is unique and what works for other brands might not work for your following. On Instagram you can view the analysis for your account and see when your followers are the most active on the platform. You can see detailed information under the Instagram Insights section on the menu bar to gain a better understanding of your audience and their activity.

Plan your posts

Being consistent takes planning. Plan in detail what each of your posts is going to say and look like.

What message are you trying to convey? What emotions are you trying to evoke? What action do you want your followers to take? The best way to plan your Instagram content is to create a social media calendar. Start by looking at the month ahead and then plan your content week by week. Try to post a range of content. Do not just post your products, give followers more than one reason to follow your page. Plan giveaways, collaborations with other brands, Instagram live videos, polls etc. Followers can see whether you’ve put thought and effort into the content you put out there. Planning is also takes some of the pressure off. You no longer need to worry about what you will post and when on a daily basis. It gives you control over your page and your business.

Invest in good quality content

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform. If people like what they see, they will like your post and perhaps even decide to follow you. Investing in good quality content is vital if you want to impress your audience. If your product photos are taken with your dodgy phone camera, you cannot expect it to make a good impression.

Consider getting a photographer to capture your images. If your photos consistently look professional and your social media is aesthetically pleasing, it will stand your Instagram account in good stead, and will communicate the level of quality customers can expect to receive from you. You can have a well-thought through product, but if your photos are not of a high quality, you may put off potential customers. Of course, these photos could also be used on other platforms such as your website, so plan your time with the photographer well to make sure you get a variety of images to suit your needs.

Engage with your followers

The followers that you do have need on-going interaction with you in order to give them good reason to keep following you. Engage with them, whether that be through your Instagram stories, replying speedily to comments and direct messages or even following some of your followers back.

Followers appreciate it when you notice their loyalty and respond to them.

They come to feel that they know you even though they may have never met you in person. Ask them for their opinions on certain matters, ask them for their input when curating your products. Over time you will lose followers if they never hear from you or do not feel personally linked to your brand. Instagram is a highly social platform and constant communication is necessary to build a relationship with your followers. Be an authentic brand with a real voice and personality. A voice that followers can relate to. Tell them your story, how you started out and why you started? You are more likely to sustain a greater following if you engage with your followers consistently and authentically.

Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way of exposing your content to a wider audience and gain a few extra followers that may not have found your account otherwise.

When you plan your posts, plan the hashtags that go with them. Remember, hashtags are part and parcel of the Instagram world and it will serve you well to use them correctly. Hashtags are used to categorize content and makes it easily discoverable to other users. Hashtags help to get your content to larger audiences than just those that follow you. Some people even follow specific hashtags and can view your post in their feed even if they do not yet follow you. Find out what hashtags are trending in your business sphere and add them at the bottom of your post. Just a caution not to overdo it as you may annoy some of your followers.

Instagram is a great marketing platform if used correctly and can be a great asset to you and your business. If you found these tips are helpful, we’d love to know! Do you have any other tips that have helped you to grow your business and Instagram following? If so, let us know in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to any of the suppliers recommended in this article. The product information reflected in this article was taken in December 2020. For current products and pricing, please contact the supplier directly.

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