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Our story

SOKO District started with a small group of visionaries, dreaming about changing the retail industry for the better. From the start, we've believed that some of the best brands out there simply don't get the space they deserve to grow and we wanted to help make that happen.

Despite everything moving online, people have a need for authentic and meaningful personal interactions and relationships in the context and sense of local community and belonging.

In 2020, the dream finally started to come to life. We had a big job to do with a small but highly dedicated team that worked tirelessly to make the dream a reality. Hyprop became a major investor in the SOKO District initiative and we couldn't have asked for better partners!

Our first district launched on 30 July 2021 at Rosebank Mall. It’s the first of many to come, and what a good place to start – in the bustling heart of Jozi. This location resonates with one of the SOKO District pillar principles of creating a regenerative space, a space that encourages constant movement towards fresh ideas.

Our mission

SOKO District exists to enable authentic brands to connect with their customers like never before by providing everything they need to grow and expand their businesses in a physical space. Flexibility plays a major part here.


Our mission is to enable our retailers to take centre stage and to expand their businesses without sacrificing the authenticity of their brands. At the same time, we want to give the community a space to explore and experience their favourite online brands in real life.

To enable


Enable Retail = Re-tell.

SOKO District enables brands to get their authentic story and brand experience out into the world.


Global and local.

SOKO District strives to inspire and grow local brands and help provide a platform for them to get their products to the people they were created for in the first place, wherever they may be.

Our guiding principles



SOKO District listens to the community, retailers, and landlords and will continually adapt its offering to best address their retail needs.



SOKO District will take great care in both selecting and caring for the brands that we partner with to ensure we provide customers with an excellent experience.



SOKO District provides opportunities for customers to embrace and enjoy time away from their normal routines.



SOKO District strives to continually breathe new life into the retail environment to inspire fresh ideas, innovation and economic growth.

Our people

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