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Frequently Asked Questions

How is SOKO District different
to traditional retail?

Quick & Easy Set Up: With SOKO District's innovative approach to retail you can have your store up and running in days not months. We assist in identifying a suitable location with adequate footfall and targeted customers for your brand, design your store, and get your amazing products in front of customers fast!


Dynamic Shopfitting: Although standard shopfitting is available in traditional retail, custom shopfitting comes with a hefty price-tag, not to mention the extra effort you'll need to put in. SOKO District designs your ideal space, & supplies dynamic shopfitting as well as sets up your store.


Additional Services included: With SOKO District, running costs like maintenance, cleaning, utilities and security won't get you down because that's all included.


Low Capital Investment Required: Your brand deserves premium fittings, and a great customer experience - with SOKO District you'll have almost zero initial capital investment so that you can focus on getting your shop up and running and not worrying about the bills.


Short Leasing Periods: With SOKO District you determine your own leasing periods, how short or long you desire.

How will the point-of-sale system transactions work?

We provide you with a fully integrated smart point-of-sale system for your store. There are no long delays in the transfer of payments and payments for all purchases made in your store are generally transferred into your account 4 business days after the initial transaction.

Which point-of-sale system will be used?

We provide you with a fully integrated smart point-of-sale system for your store. This includes a full Vend account which seamlessly integrates with a Yoco device for card transactions.

Can I bring my own decor and equipment?

Yes, you can bring any additional equipment required or decor that will bring your brand to life within the space. 

Are there cleaning services?

Yes, general cleaning of SOKO District is included, this does not include food prep area (floor, prep surfaces, equipment dishes etc.) The cleaning services will collect waste and take it to the central waste areas in the mornings and afternoons.

What are the trading hours?

SOKO District's trading hours follow the standard mall trading hours. We require store assistants to be at the store at least half an hour before to ensure the store is clean and stock is replenished.

How quickly can I set up my store?

You can set up your store in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up by completing your user profile and give us more information on the type of leasing you are interested in.

  2. Sit down with our professional store design team to customise your shopfitting to suit your product needs.

  3. Once you are happy with your store design and flexible lease agreement you will need to sign your lease online.

  4. Load your products and prices on your integrated POS system and get ready for your first sale.

  5. Stock your store with merchandise and start selling! Viola! As easy as that!

How do leases work?

Your lease is as flexible as you need it to be. You can sign a lease for anything from 3 days to 3 years. It’s a low-risk way of testing out a new market or space for your brand without the long-term commitment.

Do you have backup power?

Yes, SOKO District is connected to the mall's generators.

Do I have to employ staff for my store?

Should you wish to open your own store within SOKO District you will need to employ your own person to manage your store. This way you can ensure that it is someone you trust to represent your brand and offer the brand experience you want to offer. However, we have an alternative solution to having your own store, where you can simply supply your product to an existing store within SOKO District. Please get in contact with us for a tailormade solution.

How will security work?

SOKO District has both physical security and CCTV.  Security guards are positioned at the entrances as well as within the store. Our premises are monitored by a centralised control room who communicates with the security guards in the store.

Is there WiFi in the district? 

Yes, the district has its own WiFi and as a retailer you will have access to the WiFi on all your devices. 

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