Frequently Asked Questions

How is SOKO District different to a department store?

In a department store your brand is one among many and often the brilliance behind the brand is lost. We help you set up your own shop, exactly the way you want while we take care of the hard stuff like shopfittings, and all the associated services and maintenance that come with managing a store. We want to help the best brands be able to afford their very own space where they have control over how customers experience their brands.

How will the point-of-sale system transactions work?

We provide you with a fully integrated smart point-of-sale system for your store. There are no delays in the transfer of payments and payments for all purchases made in your store are generally transferred into your account 4 business days after the initial transaction.

Do I have to employ staff for my store?

Yes, you will need to employ your own person to manage your store. This way you can ensure that it is someone you trust to represent your brand and offer the brand experience you want to offer. However, we are working with our retailers on a solution for brands that find this to be a challenge.

How will security work?

SOKO District will have both physical security and CCTV.  Security guards will be positioned at the entrances as well as within the store. Our CCTV will be monitored by a centralised control room who will be in communication with the security guards in the store.

Do you have backup power?

Yes, SOKO District is connected to the mall's generators.

Are there cleaning services?

Yes a cleaner will be available to clean public facing areas, this does not include food prep area (floor, prep surfaces, equipment dishes etc.) The cleaners will collect waste and take it to the central waste areas in the mornings and afternoons.

How do leases work?

Your lease is as flexible as you need it to be. You can sign a lease for anything from 3 days to 3 years. It’s a low-risk way of testing out a new market or space for your brand without the long-term commitment.

Which point-of-sale system will be used?

We provide you with a fully integrated smart point-of-sale system for your store. This includes a full Vend account which seamlessly integrates with a Yoco device for card transactions.

Is there WiFi in the district? 

Yes, the district has its own WiFi and as a retailer you will have access to the WiFi on all your devices. 

Can I bring my own decor or furniture?

Yes, you can bring any additional furniture or decor that will bring your brand to life within the space.

What are the trading hours?

SOKO District's trading hours follow the standard mall trading hours. We require store assistants to be at the store at least half an hour before to ensure the store is clean and stock is replenished.

When is the first district’s launch date?

The Rosebank Mall opening is currently planned for 30 July 2021.