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The Town Hall

The district Town Hall is where people come together. It is the centre of the district, a spotlight that draws people in. It is a space where community is built, and connections are made. It is a dynamic space that is constantly changing and aims to be a space where young and old can play, learn, and connect.


Design with your 
event in mind

The Town Hall space presents endless opportunities for local brands, musicians, artists, and anyone looking for a stage to shine on.


The space comes pre-equipped with beautiful lighting, sound, screens, furniture, support portal and our esteemed district crew to help you bring your vision to life.

Our package

Our standard package covers all the basics you will need to host an amazing event or activation in the Town Hall. True to SOKO District’s nature, we will do all we can to help you make your dream a reality. If our standard package is too standard for you, tell us what your appetite for magic is and we’ll help you create it!

Usable floor space: 92 sqm

Time slot
Weekend Full
Full day
R15 139.98
Weekend Light
2 hours
R3 028.00
Weekday Full
Full day
R6 055.99
Weekday Light
2 hours
R1 211.20

SOKO District support portal and crew

Our district support and events manager will arrange a planning and coordination session with you to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of your event.

Setup and breakdown of standard Town Hall equipment as per your requirements

Online support portal to log tickets

Basic cleaning services before and after your event

Basic security including CCTV

Audio and Visual

The Town Hall has its own audio and visual system that is separate from the rest of the district to allow you to control the experience within the space and draw people towards your event in the centre of the district.


You are welcome to bring in your own equipment as needed but we have the following equipment ready for use:


Media player – Play from a CD or USB

Integrated speakers in the acoustic overhead bulkhead 

Roaming microphone

4 x Power sockets (excluding power adapters and extension cords)

Wi-Fi streaming capabilities to the TV screens 

4 x 55-inch LED screens (these can be placed anywhere on the curved back wall with our special hooks)

Integrated lighting in the overhead bulkhead 

Large colour changing pendant light in the centre of the overhead bulkhead



Our beautifully designed shopfitting system and furniture are perfect for helping you bring your activation or event to life. Add some display shelves or chairs to create a beautiful space that draws people in! As every event is unique, these pieces are excluded from the standard pricing for the space but let us know what you need and we’ll customise our offering to suit your needs.

Marketing support

We know that getting the word out about your event is almost as important as the event itself and we’re here to help! We work in collaboration with you to ensure we get the right people there.

Ready to get started?

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