Digital convenience meets physical engagement

The SOKO District platform has taken away the biggest challenges you face when opening and running a store so you can focus on what you do best!

Yes, the world has gone digital. We now sell everything online, but your customers still want to experience your products in the real world. Our flexible offering allows you to customise EVERYTHING to suit your unique brand and needs. Our online platform offers you the ultimate flexibility to choose what works for you. You can select your space, your shopfitting and all other details online and on-the-go!

Welcome to

SOKO District

Connect with your customers in a flexible physical space with modular, rentable shopfittings.


What makes us different

We believe what makes your brand unique is also what makes it successful. We want to enable you to connect with your customers and offer your brand experience in a space that is truly yours. We exist to be your enabler and to help you grow your business in an authentic way. 

Are you the kind of brand we're looking for?

We're looking for brands that are as transparent, responsible, and purpose-driven as we are. Brands that choose quality over quantity. Are you a brand like us?


Building value through brand experience

We believe that retail should provide an opportunity for brands to re-tell their stories. In the spirit of Ubuntu, value is built through the experiences not of single brands, but a community of brands. The SOKO family has many valuable stories to share. 

The new second space for our community

In uncertain times, your brand needs room for adjustment. You might suddenly need more/less physical space, or more/less e-commerce distribution. SOKO values responsiveness and built a system that allows for dynamic leasing and support services, providing your brand with the leeway to manage economic stress or brand redirection. 


Rosebank Mall

Introducing the first district, launching June 2021

You’ll find our first space at the centre of all the action at Rosebank Mall. It’s the first of many to come, and what a good place to start – in the bustling heart of Jozi. This location resonates with one of the SOKO pillar principles of creating a regenerative space, a space that encourages constant movement towards fresh ideas. 


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