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Bring your online store 
into the real world


‘The Uber of SA Retail’

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SOKO District helps authentic brands to connect with their customers like never before, helping bring their brands into the real world. 

​We're on a mission to enable retailers to expand their businesses without sacrificing the authenticity of their brands. 

By providing everything you need to grow and expand your business in a physical space, flexibility plays a major part here.


A centralised platform to help you manage your store

SOKO District offers brands end-to-end retail support - helping you bring your store vision to life. Our groundbreaking solutions include Retailer Profiling, Retail Services, and Transaction Services.

Retailer Profiling

Join a community of like-minded brands.

Help us understand your brand and products so that we can find the best suitable location for your business.

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Retail Services

Our intuitive platform let's you manage  products and services all from one innovative dashboard.

Manage your products and services.

Manage payments and billing.


Apply for new services from your portal.


Manage shopfitting.

Manage user access.

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Transaction Services

Payments, orders and vendor management - we've got you covered with our Transaction Services.

Automated fee processing and payouts.

Integrated POS.

Realtime Performance and Insights reports.

Transaction history and sales reports.

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